We Buy Houses In Central Arkansas Fast & For Cash. Our Main Goal Is To Get You A Fast Cash Offer In As Little As 24 Hours!

Our Story

Kris and Cody are two avid entrepreneurs grew up playing baseball together in Little Rock, AR. It wasn’t until after going through college and coming back around after, to form a partnership together creating Little Rock Home Buyers. After what started out as a simple thought became reality when Kris and Cody starting attending monthly meetups to develop the right knowledge to level up all while connecting with more players in the game. Soon after they began to acquire houses and the business started.

Currently the focus is to help motivated sellers get out of their problems. Through our extensive network, we are able to tackle pretty much any deal and size. Whether it’s single family, multifamily, mobile homes and parks, as well as land and commercial, we’d love to speak to you about it and further take a look into it.

One of our go to strategies after purchasing a property is to offer it for resale through a term called “Impact Investing” – which allows normal everyday people become home owners through our owner financing program. This method allows people who may not be applicable to get a loan from the bank to get into owning their own home through our program. Let’s build this community one house at a time!


The aim is to create win-win scenarios in the central Arkansas community that helps sellers in a sticky situation find a solution to their problem. Our strategy is simple, we eliminate your hassle to sell your home quick to us. With a focus to use a term coined “impact investing” where we allow normal people who can’t get a bank loan can have their own mortgage through us while owning the home. We are giving you the second chance to own your own home without going though a bank. Led by Kris and Cody, we aim to become the solution to a problem that arises in the everyday lives of homeowners and tired landlords. We look to provide a seamless transaction with little involvement from you as the seller so there is no hassle or interruption. The method is simple, create a win-win for everyone!

Our Home Buying Team

Cody graduated from Henderson St. University with bachelor’s in business management. After working in the banking industry for 2 years, he sought out Real Estate. Cody enjoys furthering his education through reading books, listening to podcast, and simply reaching out and networking with advanced people in the industry. Outside of work, Cody likes to play golf and occasionally enter in Texas Hold’em poker tournaments. He actively enjoys being apart of the community growth and sees himself playing a huge role in the economic development, changing the landscape of how people live and transact in Real Estate.

Kris has been in the central Arkansas area since 1999. He has a degree in Mathematics and a minor in Economics from Lyon College in Batesville, AR; and he played baseball for the Scots. Kris has done work in the insurance and software industries over the last 3 years, in which he did account management and sales. He enjoys self development, teaching, nature, and living an Olympic lifestyle. He is active in personal coaching and creating masterminds to impact others through collectively solving problems. The fascination with architecture and challenge of creatively building a business is what pulled Kris into real estate. Kris’ mission in life is to assist others in recognizing their greatness and becoming the strongest version of themselves.

Kevin Manuel
Kevin loves what he does and gets fulfillment from helping others in his community. He went to school at Fresno St University and San Diego State University. In the past, he worked as a Business Advisor to individuals with interest in getting into the Real Estate industry. He has helped 100’s of people start their real estate businesses and pursue their goals across that time span. He takes the same approach with Little Rock Property Buyers – He is here to SERVE you FIRST and help you get what you want. Outside of real estate, Kevin enjoys being with his wife and his dog. He is an avid golfer and loves a good sunset.
We would like to introduce you to our Virtual Office Assistant Md. Shahiduzzaman (Shahin). 
Shahin graduated with his bachelor’s degree from Islamic University – in Kushtia, Bangladesh. He then went on to earn his master’s degree from Islamic Arabic University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
After completing his post-graduate degree, Shahin began work as professional virtual assistant and web researcher on various online platforms. He joined our team in 2020. Shahin has consistently shown his value in the everyday operations. You cannot get him to take off he loves his job so much and even more so on his own accord ordered LRPB gear to represent in his office! In his free time Shahin enjoys traveling and learning new things on the internet.